Over the years, Eastpole has created various technical clothing collections to satisfy specific market demand.

Winter sportswear brands with a focus on ski collections. Established in 2006, the Gtek line benefits from our experience as consultants and creators of ski items for third parties. It is a classic line that pays great attention to performance: Gtek is a champion in the details that are barely visible (seams, fabrics, other components) that nonetheless make the difference when they are there. The collection’s success was consolidated in the years following the creation of the Gtek Wear (city clothing with a technical/sporty tweak) and Gtek Junior (children’s ski clothing) lines.

In the 2000s, the brand signed several agreements with the large-scale retail trade to create winter sportswear lines that pay specific attention to the quality/price ratio. This was how Over the Top was conceived, a line of products for camping, the outdoors, ski clothing, fleece wear and microfleece wear that takes advantage of the Eastpole ability to use production technologies while also optimizing costs. These are products that do not sacrifice quality and comfort, while maintaining prices that everyone can afford.

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