About us

The company

In 1995, Eastpole was founded against the backdrop of Lecco, one of Lombardy’s most vibrant industrial cities. Its founder, Riccardo Valsecchi, who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, nurtured a strong inclination and intuition towards industry and business since childhood, which then matured in the form of various experiences in national and international manufacturing. A rich awareness and responsiveness along with a strong will to unlock the doors of collaboration with foreign countries, were the first real inspiration behind the company’s creation.

An international vision

The name Eastpole was chosen in reference to the world production pole of the far east. While it might seem obvious today, it wasn’t in the ‘90s, when relocation was still a pioneering practice, and knowledge of foreign production experiences was difficult due to insurmountable linguistic, technological, and political barriers. Riccardo’s direct knowledge of the key production taking place in East Asia led the company to immediately take on an international vision in a world that was still local. This openness along with other special aspects that are still an important part of the company’s DNA, contributed to Eastpole’s success, as well as the companies they collaborate with.

The Eastpole approach to design

In a world that is quickly changing, products must also adapt. Once the internal and external work team had been created and the production chain set up, Eastpole was able to apply its vision and design method to a wide range of products. The first projects were for backpacks and camping equipment. Shortly after, Eastpole began producing technical gear for mountain lifestyle and sports, such as technical ski garments, fleece wear, down jackets, and goods for outdoors and leisure. The sportswear experience opened the doors to workwear, which like technical garments, must guarantee round the clock comfort and performance for the wearer. Finally, to offer an increasingly full range of services to its customers, Eastpole began customizing a wide range of accessories and items, such as backpacks, belts, hats, and even water bottles, torches, pots, and knives.

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